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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Socialism sells!

David Boaz addresses our uniquely American socialist/capitalist schizophrenia in the WSJ:

Starbucks and 'Laissez Faire'

Starbucks's company policy is this: "We review each Card before printing it to make sure it meets our personalization policy. We accept most personalization requests, but we can't honor every one. Some requests may contain trademarks that we don't have the right to use. Others may contain material that we consider inappropriate (such as threatening remarks, derogatory terms, or overtly political commentary) or wouldn't want to see on Starbucks-branded products."

Is the phrase "laissez-faire" threatening? Only to officious bureaucracy, I would think. So, it must be that the phrase is considered to be "inappropriate" by corporate Starbucks.

Socialist chic sells shirts, or in this case, coffee cards. (Sorry, I've an unconscious habit of alliteration. I'll try to work on that.)

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