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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quick links

Morgan Spurlock Watch - Morgan "Master of the Obvious" Spurlock made a name for himself with his pseudo-documentary, "Supersize Me." (Eating nothing but combo meals from MacDonald's every day for a month can make you fat? Get oughtta here! Seriously?) At Spurlock Watch, Radley Balko charts the ways Spurlock uses selective quotes, shoddy research, and outright lies to manipulate data to fit his activist, socialist-leaning world view... and then tries to sell it (capitalism-style) to you. Sound familiar? It should. Michael Moore practically invented the scheme.

Live 8 downloads - .mov files of the performances, broken down by artist and song. Looks pretty comprehensive.

The Gutfeld Drive-Bys - How Greg Gutfeld scored this gig I cannot begin to fathom. He writes for the Huffington Post... and spends his time almost exclusively bashing the Huffington Post... on the Huffington Post!



I was just sitting around, thinking about last week's bombings.

Multi-tasking, I was: sitting AND thinking.

And I started to ask myself how we could explain such horrible events so, you know, none of us look stupid at parties?

Even more important, how can my explanation about these acts help me pick up girls?

Then I read the Huffington Post, and I realized that, unlike Eve Ensler, Deepak Chopra, Jann Wenner and Hooman Majd, I have absolutely no idea how to respond to terror in a totally cool and nonjudgmental way!


So far, I've learned so much from Deepak Chopra! Like, when faced with one act of terror, simply equate it to an act of non-terror!

“Why is killing a person in uniform more acceptable than a person in civilian clothing? Who makes the rules about "civilized vs. uncivilized" killing? Can we begin to question these rules?”

Thanks To Deepak, we can pose such questions! But we can't answer them, because there are no answers! As Chopra explains - no one is right, and no one is wrong!

Read it all.

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