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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quick notes

Because I'm sure you're just dying to know what I'm reading!

- Goldstein on Kerry's "transnational moment" at Davos:

And politically, to be an internationalist, one must be committed to the cause of transnational progressivism, something that Kerry (he of the "global test" and worries over "pariah"-hood) most certainly is.

Too, though, one must (if he happens to be an American, as well) likewise be committed to disguising his anti-liberal attitudes in the garb of liberalism, often using the rationale that doing so is unproblematic precisely because, when all is said and done, such short-term compromises of integrity will ultimately put the right people in power to bring about the utopian idea of a disinterested world government sitting in judgment of nation states and “managing” international affairs as a shepherd might his flock.

The ends, that is, justify the means.

It still astounds me that John Kerry even managed to carry his own home state in his (thankfully unsuccessful) bid for the presidency. How many fine citizens of that great Commonwealth pulled the lever for John while thinking, "Oooh! Oooh! Sacrifice me first!"? Nuh uh. Most Americans vote for the candidate they believe will best protect their interests, not the "greater world good." Kerry didn't win the Dem nomination by being up front and honest with his constituency, IMO.

Most Americans don't want to be "herded."

- A World Without America

Ad proposals. I'm humbled. It happens from time to time. (Via Iain Murray at NRO)

- Also from Iain, How to Contribute to Anti-Americanism

I'm going to reserve judgment until I can review all the evidence, which is just too new to support any definitive conclusion... but as for Iain's assertion that the "Anglo-American alliance is currently hanging by a thread" well, I have to ask... where does the UK plan to go to find allies that share their values? For that matter, where do we go? France? China? We're inextricably linked, England and America.

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