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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jonah Goldberg hates children

... and in the way he means it, so do I.

In truth, I do love kids. But it’s the “the” in The Children that’s the problem. It transforms children into a principle for which any violation of limited government is justified.


The idea was as simple as it was brilliant: By making The Children the beneficiaries of welfare rather than the adults, the left could portray any attempt to curb the welfare state as "anti-child."

This is a long-time pet peeve of mine. Republicans want to kill Big Bird? A "no" on Kyoto means throwing kids in front of trains? Can we please put a stop to this nonsense?


One of the tragic consequences of Bill Clinton’s success in the 1990s is that Republicans decided to mimic it. This is where "compassionate conservatism" and the No Child Left Behind Act come from.

I guess not. If compassionate conservatism means regular conservatism minus the limited government part (kinda essential IMO) then I guess this nonsense will just continue unabated.

Hillary has declared her intention to run, so all of you with children, get ready to welcome another mommy into your household. And even if she doesn't win, the Republican alternative won't likely leave you alone, either.

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