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Monday, June 19, 2006

Yet another chance to express my disgust over "For the Children" ads

Ugh. This despicable tactic must be effective. Why else would so many people employ it?

Buy Michelin brand tires, because so much is riding on your tires. Support PBS, because Big Bird is vital to your child's education." Kix! Kid tested, mother approved! Advertisments that suggest that if you don't do X, you don't care about "the children" annoy. me. to. no. end.

Isn't the default setting for the human animal to want to care for and protect children? You know, isn't it hard-wired into our genetic make-up? If it wasn't, would we still be here? Seems to me it's an evolutionary imperative, nes't pas?

Here's the latest one I saw just tonight:

I don't dispute that climate change is a scientifically proven cyclic phenonemon. But I'm skeptical about humanity's industrial contribution to that largely natural cycle.

But according to "For The Children" arguments like the above commercial, that's just code talk for, "You know me, I just love to throw little chi'lins under oncoming trains." Sheesh.

Like I said, such blatant attempts at emotional manipulation must be effective. The only other explanation is an endless stream of brainstorming sessions at ad agencies through the years going something like this:

Ad Guy 1: Wait! I got it! Let's imply that whenever someone doesn't buy our product, a cute kid dies a horrible death.

Ad Guy 2: Well, it's been done so many times before and it hasn't been a very good money maker but... Oh, what the hell? This time it just might work!

I just don't see that happening. Yep. Must be effective.

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