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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarkman pink-slipped by laser guided "downsizing consultant"


UPDATE: Lou asks if I came up with this headline all by myself. Unfortunately, no. It's totally stolen. Credit due to Iowahawk.

The Here We Go Again UPDATE: Stephen Spuriell notes that media coverage is a mixed bag, ranging in tone from, Terrorist gets just deserts to America escelates cycle of violence.

And Glenn laments, "And it's too bad that I have to spend so much of a post on a Zarqawi's death talking about the misconduct of the American press. But terrorism is an information war for the most part, and the press is, in various ways, empowering the terrorists. I wish it would show as much awareness of nuance, and the tendency of people to manipulate the media, where the enemy is concerned as it does in some other settings where, I think it's fair to say, it cares more about the impact of its behavior."

And Laura Ingraham led off her show this morning highlighting how media efforts to "balance" Zarqawi's evilness began within minutes of the death announcement, including audio of Don Imus catching a reporter in Baghdad flatfooted trying to attribute (without evidence) an early morning blast killing thirteen as "retrobution" for Zarqawi. Truly incredible.

The days of Ernie Pyle are gone, gone, gone. Thankfully, so is Abu Mousab Al-Zarqawi. So, I'll take what I can get.

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