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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On fashion

I blame Lisa Loeb and Howie Mandel for my current fashion predicament.

I have terrible eyesight. I have to wear glasses or contacts to correct for my extreme nearsightedness and astygmatism. Recently I went to Dr. Bizer's Vision World for an exam and updated prescription, looking forward to the day I could see distinct leaves on trees again. It's been a few years since I saw an optometrist.

To my dismay, the round, John Lennon / John Denver style glasses I enjoyed wearing in the past are currently unavailable. All of my choices in the frame department made me look like a PETA volunteer! Round is out, square is in. Thanks, Loeb. Thanks for nothing.

Also, hair. I've decided to go back to my "military look" by shaving the head, augmented with goatee and silver earrings, only to discover that Howie sports the same look on Deal or No Deal. I was there first, Mandel! As my good friend Andy drunkenly explained, "You should go with the shaved head and keep the beard and glasses. It conotes, intellectual, yet dangerous." I agree. Let's discuss Hegel... or I'll cut you! I liked it, but Howie had to go and ruin a good thing.

So, when you combine Lisa Loeb...

with Howie Mandel...

you get me.

And it looks ridiculous.

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