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Monday, April 10, 2006

Another late night rumination on whiskey connoisseurship

Canadian whiskey? Surely you jest, sir! I mean, Crown is okay and all. And it's sweet, dark rhythms are a curiously qualified match to our own ancient American elixer... Coca-Cola. But in the end the whole thing smacks too much of French snobbery, don't you agree?

No. For my money, nothing beats Kentucky Bourbon, or as a close second, Glenmorangie, which has the good sense to age itself in reused bourbon barrels. You know, a few years back, Heaven Hill Distilleries suffered a fire, and what a fire it was! Even through the diminshing lens of the television cameras, one could see that those paltry wildfires out west had nothing on this. "Why," I exclaimed at the bar whilst watching the white hot conflagration live on the TV, "this fire is important!. This fire means something!" The barkeep agreed, and promptly announced a special on the the house whiskey. I believe his exact words were, "Behold! Get it while it lasts. Dollar shots!"

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