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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Who is this "Oscar" of which you speak?

Thankfully Ace live blogged the thing so I could watch the Hellraiser marathon on SciFi channel. Good on ya Aceman. (And be sure to check out the comments at Ace's. Some inspired put-downs to be found there.)

The only flick up for consideration this year that I've actually seen is Penguins. I got the DVD for Christmas , and being a documentary geek extraordinaire, loved it. (One warning though... only watch this doc at the height of summer with the windows shut and the furnace at full blast to avoid feeling sympathetically chilly. A sweater or two wouldn't hurt, either.)

At some point in the last coupla three years the technology for decent home theater dropped below the price threshold that had been driving me to the big screen. The last film I saw in the theater (Wait, I'm sorry. When I said theater, what I meant to say was that nose-bleed inducing, death defying, mountaineering challenge they euphamistically call "stadium seating") was Sin City. Walking out, I considered it a good preview for a promising good time on DVD, and it was.

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