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Friday, September 23, 2005

For those Americans (such as myself) who may have gotten a tad... um, what's the word... shrill? over Katrina's political implications...

... Sugar the Dog remains unimpressed.

As hurricane Rita makes landfall in the next 24 hours, with all the destruction and grief that that entails, please heed her sleepy stare. I know that *I* certainly will.

For my part, I pledge to write constructive critiques of governmental and private responses and I will praise to the skies any and all improvements based on lessons learned from Katrina. Furthermore, I promise to direct any criticism I may have towards individuals rather than conveniently labeled groups based on ideology. In short, I promise to not lose my head this time.

(Aside: James? You are most definately an individual, and therefore fair game. Jerk.)

Meanwhile, the American Red Cross (link at top left) is accepting donations for those displaced by Katrina as well as those who will need assistance due to Rita. In fact, many of those two groups will sadly overlap. Give now.

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