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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Booooooo! bAD form!

The first in a new Kadnine Blog Series in which I highlight truly awful advertising gimmicks.

So, I'm working late and feeling peckish. I need a snack to tide me over till dinner so I can concentrate on the tasks thrown up before me on my computer screen. I don't want to be there after hours, but hey! Duty calls. I buy a Snickers bar from the vending machine and settle back in at my desk. On the front it reads, "SNICKERS" in the usual size and font. On the back side, it reads, "NOUGATOCITY" in the same font. Inside the wrapper is the "definition":

"Nougatocity /nu-gat-a-si-tE/ (noun). A heightened yet fleeting state of accomplishment that makes you realize how unbelievably unmotivated you normally are."

I imagine the ad execs at Mars, INC just sitting around the ol' brainstorming table asking themselves "who is our core customer base?"

And all they could come up with was self-loathing slackers with low self-esteem and no impulse control? And this was given the go ahead? Really?

Why not just go with, "SNICKERS: It Satisfies Yer never gonna lose the weight, so why bother trying?" Or, "Try our oblong lozenge of shame! Now with even more nougaty condescension!"

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