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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Naomi Klein: Half-wit

Smart enough to recognize that the boycott is an effective measure, dumb enough not to recognize it's only effective against parties which value stability and progress:

The relevance of the South African model is that it proves [boycott] tactics can be effective when weaker measures (protests, petitions, backroom lobbying) fail. And there are deeply distressing echoes of apartheid in the occupied territories: the colour-coded IDs and travel permits, the bulldozed homes and forced displacement, the settler-only roads. Ronnie Kasrils, a prominent South African politician, said the architecture of segregation he saw in the West Bank and Gaza was "infinitely worse than apartheid". That was in 2007, before Israel began its full-scale war against the open-air prison that is Gaza.

Why single out Israel when the US, Britain and other western countries do the same things in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Boycott is not a dogma; it is a tactic. The reason the strategy should be tried is practical: in a country so small and trade-dependent, it could actually work.

[Emphasis mine]

To be clear, Klein here is advocating that our western world (a world made rich by economic trade) affect the economic destruction of a "small and trade-dependent" country whose success is based on the same model. She's not just anti-Israel, she's anti-western-civilization. That her self-loathing opinions are published at all is a testament to our tolerance of fools like her. Even in a world-wide recession, she's in no danger of losing her job by writing this. Damn but we're rich! Rich enough to support a leisure-class of critics who pine for our destruction.

(Via: Hot Air)

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