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Friday, September 19, 2008

Negative Noonan

Read it and weep:

Why It's Getting Mean
Supporters of both candidates doubt their man is up to the job.

The financial crisis changes the entire shape and feel of the presidential election. It isn't just bad news, it's bad news that reveals what many people deep down feared, and hoped not to see revealed: that the huge and sprawling financial system of Wall Street is maintained essentially on faith, mood and assumption; that its problems are deep; that at some level the system looks to have been a house of cards. It isn't just bad news; it's deep bad news that reaches into the heart of widespread national anxiety. [...]

What if neither of them is the right man? What if neither of them is equal to the moment? What if neither party is equal to the moment?
"What if neither of them is the right man?" Frankly, that's my upfront position. McCain has locked up my vote, not by virtue of being my first choice, but by virtue of being my last acceptable choice. I take issue with Peggy's doom and gloom pronouncment on the economy. Yes we'll be stuck (barring impeachable offense) for at least four years with either McCain or Obama... but the economy is certain to improve so long as Americans continue doing what Americans do so well... make money by converting low-worth resources into high-worth products and services. And I just don't see that ending! No matter who wins office.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Peter and Jonah, together again, at Blogging Heads.

I really miss "What's Your Problem."

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