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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I prefer A.E. Housman over Kipling

... but I'll certainly take Kipling over the NYT!

Why I do not like The New York Times, Section 10, Chapter 687

And speaking of endangering American military personnel, I wonder how Ms. Kantor and her editors feel about the second reason Mr. McCain gave for not talking publicly about his son’s service [as a Marine in Iraq]? Ms. Kantor notes that “The McCains declined to be interviewed for this article, which the campaign requested not be published.” But she published it anyway. What if, God forbid, some harm comes to the junior McCain? Would she feel badly about that? Would she think, “Gee, perhaps I should not have published details about the military service of a son of a prominent politician?” I doubt it.

Maybe one day I'll warm up to Rudyard. This is from Kimball's essay in the New Criterion:

Kipling was above all the laureate not of Empire, but of civilization, especially civilization under siege.


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