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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kadnine reviews Indoctrinate U

"Somewhere along the way, the Campus Free Speech Movement got killed by University regulations, and policies that are supposed to be ensuring tolerance and diversity are instead, being used to silence people with alternative views." - From Indoctrinate U

The other night I watched Evan Coyne Maloney’s documentary film, Indoctrinate U. It's quite good, I'm happy to report, and well worth your consideration. It's in limited distribution right now with screenings only in locations that demonstrate sufficient interest to make it commercially viable. But where there's demand, direct marketing technology manages a supply! It's available here for download, and well worth the $9.99. In fact, every paid download adds to its chances for a wider release.

Indoctrinate U highlights some of the more egregious examples of leftist academic orthodoxy enslaved to a fixed notion of "diversity." That is, diversity in everything but where it counts most, diversity of thought. Student Republicans are harassed, closet Republican faculty members dismissed, dissenting voices are shouted down, and all of it compared with wry irony to the heady days of the sixties and seventies and the Campus Free Speech Movement. The same student radicals fighting for a place in academic circles then, make up the intolerant, tenured "old guard" of today.

David Thompson makes an important point in his review of the film last week:

Despite Maloney’s own right-of-centre leanings, Indoctrinate U is surprisingly non-party political and, as FIRE’s Greg Lukianoff explains, many mainstream Democrats could well be shocked by how a supposed marketplace of ideas has become so intolerant and congealed.

True. (In honesty, his review is better than mine, and you should read it all.)

But I'll supplement his excellent piece with something Thompson doesn't touch upon. This is my first internet video download not paid for by corporate advertising sponsors, something I find remarkable. In that respect, Indoctrinate U is as much an experimental new financial model in film making as it is an indictment of academic misbehavior. And though it's an amateur film, it's not amateurishly produced. I've seen much worse produced with far higher budgets. In a podcast interview with Glenn and Helen Reynolds last year, Maloney detailed how digital cameras and high quality editing software is finally inexpensive enough to allow just about anyone to try a career in self-produced film. ("Ten years ago it would have been prohibitively expensive... It probably wouldn't have even crossed my mind to do it if the barriers had been that high.") Well, the results are impressive.

If you have the means and desire to do so, you can support his work by downloading from the Indoctrinate U store.

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