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Monday, November 05, 2007

Is anyone else hearing this nonsense?

I listen to AM talk radio all day long. At home, in the car; I'm just addicted. Starting last night there's been this truly bizarre political ad in rotation on the local Salem station, AM 970. It's from some group calling themselves the "African-Americans of Kentucky For Morality and Justice" (never heard of them, and Google returns nothing) that rails against Democratic candidate for Kentucky governor Steve Beshear.

It's truly nuts! It's all about the "powerful homosexual lobby" and Beshear's betrayal of "life-long Democrats."

I'll post the audio (and you need to hear the audio to appreciate the strangeness) as soon I can find it (If I can find it. I don't have the equipment to record it and upload it myself.)

It's gotta be some sort of spoof. The only website mentioned in the ad is www.fairness.org, the local gay rights outfit, and again, "African-Americans of Kentucky For Morality and Justice" has no Google presence. It's brand new. Anybody know anything about this strange ad?

UPDATE: WGTK 970 is now prefacing the ad with a disclaimer. "The following is a paid political advertisement. Neither this station nor its owners endorse blah, blah, blah..." They weren't running that bit last night. What the hell?

UPDATE: It's been a few hours since I've heard the ad in question over the airwaves. It's also been a few hours since I left voice mail messages for both fairness.org and WGTK's programming director. If my interest was piqued before, well... it's full-on boiling now!

UPDATE: Okay. Just got off the phone with WGTK's programming director. Apparently these guys (calling themselves the "African-Americans of Kentucky for Morality and Justice!") just walked in the door Friday and bought some airtime out of the blue! He's never heard of them, either, and he says he'll call me back with some official contact info if he can dig it up out of paperwork. I'd love to talk to these guys!

Their airtime buy is supposed to last through tomorrow. So, if I can't get the audio, try and listen to AM 970 tonight (the ad is back on the air) and tomorrow morning as you go to the poll, if only for the entertainment value.

UPDATE: From Tuesday's Courier-Journal:

"The Rev. Jerry Stephenson, chairman of the Values Coalition U.S.A., said his organization was part of a group that aired a radio advertisement over the weekend and yesterday that pointed out C-FAIR's endorsement of Beshear.

The group, African Americans for Morality & Justice, was airing the ad on urban-format radio stations in Louisville and a conservative talk radio station. According to Greg Kramer, an advertising manager at WGTK radio in Louisville, conservative activist Frank Simon's name also appears on paperwork relating to the ad."

I can't recall anything about the Rev. Stephenson, but Frank Simon's name is all too familiar. He's our local, evangelical holy-roller. Always in the news, always making an ass of himself. No wonder this seemed like a parody. Simon already exemplifies self-parody. The ad was apparently legitimate. Sheesh. What an embarrassing spectacle.

BTW... Steve Beshear (D) won the governorship this evening.

Thanks to commenter JB Taylor for the audio.

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