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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Multi-culti, patchwork-quilt model of America in ascension

It's come to this. We're actually begging the newly formed, Native Hawaiian government to respect our civil rights laws. I had lost track of this issue, and am now playing catch up. I'll update when I've read some more.

Good-bye, melting pot! We hardly knew ye.

UPDATE: Here's the text of House Resolution 505. I especially like the "apology resolution" clause. Let the groveling begin! Sheesh.

MORE: This is interesting:

"The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People opposes vouchers, saying they could lead to segregated public schools."

I wonder what the NAACP's position is regarding the Kamehameha Schools, the only school even worth a damn, according to parents I knew in the military while stationed in Hawaii. From the Wiki entry:

"The admissions policy of Kamehameha Schools has been a subject of controversy in recent years. Because there are far more applicants that claim Hawaiian ancestry than there are spaces available, the result is a student body where virtually all the students have some Hawaiian blood and where non-Hawaiians are effectively excluded. Non-Hawaiians can be and have been admitted to the school, although this is an extremely rare occurrence."

Two. Two non-natives admitted since 1965. Yeah, I'd call that an "extremely rare occurrence." Now to be clear, Kam is a private school system while the NAACP's objection to vouchers is clearly based on the fear that public schools may become effectively segregated. But what I heard from military parents serving in Hawaii is that because Kam is essentially closed to non-natives, and that the public school system is such a wreck, well... I have to ask...

Wouldn't vouchers allow more minority kids access to the best school on the island, as well as provide inducements for the state public school system to improve due to increased competition for public dollars? Seems to me a no-brainer.

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