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Friday, June 22, 2007

Michael Yon update - "Our guys are winning"

Well, mostly winning, since PR problems persist. Half the dispatch is devoted to inside baseball journo issues.

I'm starting to think Mike's best move here is to bite the corporate bullet and take a job with one of the cable news outfits. It's obvious to me that this independant, citizen-journo thing is taking its toll on ol' Mike. Witness:

There are serious technical problems that I have brought up privately to high-ranking PAO officers over the past nearly two years which persist today, despite that any one of them could be easily resolved with better planning on the part of PAO. I’ve found that communicating with them privately is generally useless. (Obviously, as the problems persist.) A person has got to tell a million people before they are heard. Since it will affect how the news from here gets reported, and since I know the other writers here are often afraid to speak up about this stuff (one senior PAO officer actually threatened to kick me out a few months ago), I’ll take the heat on telling the million people...

He didn't used to write this way.

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