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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stray thoughts...

... on a campaign ad produced a quarter of a century before I was born.

*** Since deleted without much explanation by the Tuber folks. This is getting annoying. The whole point of this blog post compares the two vids. Sorry, guys. ***

Rod Dreher considers this bit of celluloid history and wonders...

I wonder how different our politics would be if a draft had caused a large number of Americans to have to serve in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan, instead of our volunteer army.

I wonder, too. But the question's a bit obvious, is it not? And in any case, America won't support a return of the draft anytime soon, so it's all a bit academic. Back to the video... um, is it just me, or does Ike say, "nukular"? And listen to the narrator of the ad. It's been a half century since that particular accent carried such authority. Today we have commercials parodying a wholly different affectation:

Come to think of it, this Geico ad also parodies the "real-person-not-an-actor" authenticity that the Eisenhower ad tried to utilize in '56. It's a parody two-fer!

I'm looking forward to that day in the future when I will explain to young kids how this Geico commercial was the very pinnacle of ironic sophistication, back in the day. That and flying cars. Still waiting for flying cars.

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