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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Police in Tacoma want an extra half-million for doing their job.

TACOMA -- Tacoma police say last month's 12-day anti-war protests cost the city an unbudgeted $500,000 to provide a large-scale law enforcement presence.

The rough estimate covers overtime, regular compensation, equipment and food for hundreds of workers from Tacoma police and other agencies, Assistant Chief Bob Sheehan said.

The city plans to ask the Port of Tacoma and the military to cover some of the costs.

"That's a tremendous hit on our budget -- a half-million dollars of unexpected expense," said Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma, adding that the military would get the first invoice.

I'm hereby invoicing the city of Tacoma for reimbursement of "unexpected" costs incurred during my 17.5 twelve day periods overseas to keep Tacoma attack-free. At the going rate ($500,000 for 12 days) divided by 140,000 American servicemen in Iraq between Feb and Sep, 2003, times 17.5, I figure Tacoma owes me $625. Since I was just doing my job as a US Marine at the time, and since Tacoma owes far more to others, I'll be nice and won't charge hazardous duty rates.

Or, ya know, they could just say, "Thank you." I'd be cool with that, too.

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