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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Yon Report Index - Updated daily

I'm taking it upon myself to index "The Michael Yon Project" for posterity and as a service to other fans of Mike's work. What is the "Michael Yon Project?" Dean Barnett explains:


Michael provides dispatches [from Iraq] on his own amazing website as often as possible. Unfortunately, because of his circumstances, he’s for obvious reasons not able to do as much writing as he would like or as we would like.

But he does have a satellite phone. And that’s where I come in. Every day, or as often as possible, Michael and I plan to speak and then I will write up a report of what Michael is seeing, hearing and doing. We both hope, and both expect, that what will come out of these conversations is coverage of the situation in Iraq that’s different from and superior to anything the mainstream media has provided in the four years of the conflict.


The Yon Report - 4/12/2007

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The Yon Report - 3/16/2007 (+ pics)

The Yon Report - 3/15/2007

The Yon Report - 3/14/2007

Dean's Announcement - 3/14/2007

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