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Friday, March 02, 2007

Woodruff, stand-up guy

From what little I know about ABC's Bob Woodruff, he seems to be a straight shooter. After 36 days in a coma following a roadside bomb attack in Iraq, Bob, and his family, have shown exceptional courage this past year.

Combat is dangerous. So is covering it. It can be... difficult to capture the random, casual nature of wartime death. No such problem for Woodruff. He's been


to the point of death yet still came back. Broken but not beaten. Best of luck to him and his family. I also want to thank Larry King for taking a break from the Anna Nicole extravaganza to cover Bob's amazing story. Others have covered Woodruff's recovery, but none have done it quite so well, IMO. For all the grief I give mainstream media, I have to say King hosted an outstanding show tonight. It focused less on insider media, and spotlighted Bob's story in a surprisingly sensitive manner. Good on ya, Larry.

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