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Sunday, March 18, 2007

300: Unapologetic study in blood drenched badassitude

I have seen the film, and it is good. While 300 puts most of its energies into faithfully capturing the style and essence of Frank Miller's graphic novel, that's just fine by me. I'm a big fan of Miller's work, and this film adaptation is every bit as successful as Sin City. History buffs and other sticklers for accuracy will be disappointed.



Official Site

Clips and behind the scenes featurettes

John Podhoretz reviews 300 in the Weekly Standard - John predicts this movie marks a fundamental shift in the way studios will approach action flicks.

James S. Robbins writing for National Review - James laments the celebration of Spartan values as being synonymous with our own. (I commented on his piece here)

Dana Stevens writing for Slate - Upset that 300 isn't an "anti-war war movie." Clearly unable to enjoy anything that conflicts with her own world view.

Victor Davis Hanson on the historical significance of the battle of Thermopylae.

Wiki entry on the cry, "Molon Labe!" (Come take them!) Thanks to Gonzo for that.

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