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Monday, February 12, 2007

"Pat Dollard, interesting guy"

So writes Allah.

What an understatement.

I lived in Los Angeles for a few months many years ago, and I can attest that living there is one wild ride. And I don't mean just the earthquakes. Everything there is surreal to a mid-western boy of 18. The pace, the neon, the dying palm trees, the sheer concentration of so many beautiful, well-spoken people in a single location. Even the skyline is alien (one tall spike of skyscrapers in a sea of two-stories.) I'm half-convinced that the smog is actually industial strength, hallucinatory crazy agent pumped in as part of a massive social experiment.

To a guy like me, Steve Martin's L.A. Story is a documentary.

But Dollard! He breathes deep the insanity, and just calls it "Monday." What does he do for kicks when living in L.A. no longer stimulates his interest? He embeds with Marines fighting in Iraq, of course. To make a documentary of his own.

If I consider life in L.A. to be "on the edge" crazy (and I do,) then Pat Dollard has thrown himself bodily over that edge.

UPDATE: How crazy is Pat, you ask? Mark Ebner investigates:

Were Dollard and his cameraman raped by Marines?

In jest, Dollard responds, "No, but we massacred countless civilians."

And one of Ebner's commenters compares Pat to Hunter S. Thompson. I ran across Dollard's website about a year ago. Seems I have lots to catch up on.

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