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Monday, February 19, 2007

7 minutes of your time, please

It's time well spent. I promise.

(Via: the corner, RedState)

UPDATE: Muhammed at Iraq the Model says he's already seeing positive results from Operation Spiffy-Up Baghdad (my new name for the "surge." It's less vague, more to the point, and can't be coopted by the Murtha/Pelosi crowd.)

And Greyhawk at The Mudville Gazette has been rounding up news from/about Iraq at a furious pace lately... just to show our Congress what actual work looks like, I guess.

These are the bloggers to watch for the straight dope as Operation Spiffy-Up Baghdad unfolds. I'd suggest bookmarking them. Or you can find them under "Kadnine Recommends" to your left.

MORE: Proactive, baby! Pat Dollard has what he's calling the Official 11 Point Plan for Victory in Iraq - straight from the desk of Gen. Patraeus. If Dollard's somehow mistaken, and this isn't the official plan, it damn well ought to be. It looks solid. Very solid. It doesn't mention my old hobby horse of a ramped up corps of American advisors, but points 3, 4, 7, and 8, taken collectively, would have the same desired result: A less corrupt, higher quality Iraqi leadership (both civ and mil.) Please let this be the real deal!

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