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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The circle is complete

Behold. New media (Instapundit) noted today that new media (cable news) featured an old media guest (UPI's Pamela Hess) saying what new media (blogs) have been noting for years. New media (me) waited until I could steal the nut without stealing traffic! In a discussion over Bush's commitment of an additional 20,000+ troops to Iraq, the money quote:

"[I]f as a reporter you do ask the national security question, all of a sudden you're carrying Bush's water."

That the mainstream press is jealous of it's adversarial role, and would sooner compromise national security before risking its independent image? Not news. That an old media employee said so on CNN? That's something.

Glenn Reynolds breaks the story, Hot Air has the video.

I would have linked this earlier today if it wasn't for Glenn's "brevity is the soul of wit" style. His minimalist style makes it difficult to quote the nut of his exclusives without robbing the entire content of his post. Lucky for me he's expanded his post. And now he's updated with this Gerard van der Leun quote:

As always in these times, both the Right and the Left are wrong, have been wrong for quite some time, and will continue in their error since the object of their policies is neither victory abroad or security at home, but the mere destruction of the other in political terms. It is a small and ignoble goal, but it seems to be all our pundits and politicians are capable of at this time. The times demand heros and giants but we are only seeing pygmies and cardboard figures. This is likely to continue until some deeper shock wakes us from our sleep.

No doubt that graf jumps out to Glenn's libertarian mind, (he's written in the past that the time's right for a third party to emerge strong) but if I had to pick my favorite graf from Gerard's excellent essay it would be this one:

In sum, we have one "noble goal" (a Democratic Iraq) and three "needful things" ( secure oil supply, regime shakiness in the Middle East, and strong basing in the region) that are the fall out of the last few years of meddling about securing our interests and advancing our ideals. Absent the securing of Iraq's democracy, I'd say the War has had some successes that are not yet appreciated. But they will be. Probably sooner than later, but sooner or later in any case.

But read it all, and let me know what you think.

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