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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hobbies should be fun

And blogging has been considerably less enjoyable in recent weeks. (Being threatened with a libel suit doesn't help either.) I'm taking a vacation.

*** 8/9 BACK FROM VACATION UPDATE*** I'm now regretting that I mentioned this thing publically considering how quickly it was resolved. The suit against me has been dropped without drama. New posts tomorrow. Promise.

UPDATE: I don't know why, exactly?? But this, like, cheers me up, and stuff?? I especially liked Bobby's "advice on how to cope in a declining civilization." Sage advice indeed.

(Via: Jack, who is guest hosting at Ace's place.)

UNRELATED: There's this sticker on my Sears Craftsman push mower (with a 6.75 HP, Briggs and Stratton engine which is way, way, way more power than I need for my postage stamp yard) that warns, "There is no clutch on this mower. If the engine is running, the blade is turning." Um, can anyone remember when push mowers had clutches? I'm giving serious consideration to putting this sticker on eBay. I figure there's only a few years left before the nostalgia value bottoms out at $0.00.

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