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Thursday, July 20, 2006

U.N. compare and contrast

Writing in the Washington Post today, Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) explains why he'll vote to confirm John Bolton. This, after choking up on the Senate floor last year and implying Bolton's appointment to the UN would decrease the safety of his children and granchildren! (Video)

Why the change? Well it's not really a change at all. A year ago, George was concerned we weren't working together on the international stage in the face of terror threats. Now he says any sqaubbling in the Senate sends the wrong message to our enemies. He really just wants us all to work together on this thing.

Noble, really. And the faith he puts in the United Nations as the be-all end-all of the cooperation he so dearly wants (for the children! for the grandchildren!) is rather touching, if naive. Consider Claudia Rosett's latest report on Oil-for-Food:

Congressional investigations have since found that the U.N. program opened the floodgates for anywhere from $10 billion to $17 billion in graft, scams and smuggling, some of which went to pay for Saddam's palaces, weapons and rewards for the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

This is the same UN Voinovich holds in such high regard, to threaten it with the likes of John Bolton brings him, literally, to tears.

(Via: RCP)

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