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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I for one welcome our new reality TV overlords

For years I blamed MTV for birthing the beast that cannot be stopped. That’s right, with one fell stroke, The Real World created a ridiculously cheap, enormously popular money maker which sparked dollar signs in the eyes of TV executives everywhere, and left them drooling all over their Armani suits to make more.

Years later, I think we’ve finally achieved a sort of market equilibrium. We finally have enough reality TV to choose from that we can pick and choose among the best. I pick Rockstar as my vice. And no one covers the gory details as well as Paladin. So head over there regularly for the down and dirty.

Oh! And to the kids out there, know that once upon a time, MTV showed these things called “music videos.” Here’s a classic example:

Behold it’s low-budget majesty!

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