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Friday, July 28, 2006

Art? Exploitation? Both?

Artistically, her work is actually quite good, but the methods employed by photographer Jill Greenberg are fucking heinous. And her inspiration, namely, rabid Bush Derangement Syndrome, is frankly pathetic. And for the record, I'd have the exact same opinion of a rabid Clinton hater who makes art out of crying kids.

The photos themselves, which to my untrained eye, appear to be retouched digitally, are nothing short of amazing. I just wish that they were rendered entirely out of digital imagination, rather than by photographing toddlers made to cry on cue. I can't think of any way to justify that... lame-ass Bush hatred certainly ain't cuttin' it.

I guess this is just further proof that artistic talent and wisdom aren't directly connected.

UPDATE: I consulted a friend with training in matters photographic who tells me these photos could have been produced entirely organically, without Photoshop, in the studio and darkroom. Which, actually reduces the respect I have for the artist, since it increases the likelihood these photos are what they appear to be: Untouched depictions of crying kids manipulated to cry on cue.

However; I still do not consider what Jill Greenberg has done to be a crime. Immoral? Yes. Criminal? No, or else I would not have linked to the photos. Unfortunately, the heated emotions over this woman's work has forced me to delete a couple of comments from valued, regular commenters.

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