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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dumbasses proclaim, "We won't fight your wars!"

Vandalism at UNC - Chapel Hill's ROTC:

An open letter to the anti-recruitment movement:

You idjits do know that our armed forces have been strictly volunteer since 1973, right? Do you have any idea how stupid you look acting out the street theater, counter culture antics of your parents in a time when the draft no longer exists?

Understand this, morons: A technological and organizational revolution has forced a change of mindset in the military community over the past thirty-plus years. Quality of life in the military has improved under the all-volunteer system because with volunteerism, comes a smaller pool of applicants, and with a smaller pool comes more incentives (better pay, better benefits, better accomodations, better services, and higher morale.) And with a smaller pool of applicants comes an increased reliance on new technology to make up the difference in strength with fewer numbers, which in turn, places more emphasis on the qualifications of applicants. These post-1973 changes have focused recruitment efforts to seek out only the best and brightest of America's population. Qualified individuals are often found on college campuses but, rest assured, punks like you are not encouraged to apply.

This ain't the sixties. If you're not bright enough to recognize what decade you're living in, then you're not qualified to join the modern military. My advice to you is to study hard, because it's clear that you have a lot of catching up to do.

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