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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Update to the creepy, closed-door, student trial of Bush

Remember this?

Well, this follow-up article in the Daily Record has some interesting tid bits:

'Trial' of Bush prompts meeting

Parsippany school officials to discuss classroom project

PARSIPPANY -- Top school officials will huddle privately this morning to discuss a classroom war crimes "trial"of President Bush at Parsippany High School that suddenly is drawing national attention.

The school board's president, Robert Perlett, said the 8:30 a.m. meeting was called by mutual agreement on Thursday as the uproar surrounding the mock tribunal escalated on the Internet and talk radio.

More fucking secrecy? What is it they want to hide? The teachers union president thinks it's further national embarassment after having been held up as poster children for the cloistered leftist edu-crats. Check out this cynical assessment:

[Teachers union President John] Capsouras said [... ]that Kyle, in terms of his job, should be in the clear unless "somebody decides they didn't give him permission" for the project.

The candor in that statement is startling. He believes this teacher could be thrown to wolves in a sacraficial bid to end this mess quietly.

Township Council Vice President James Vigilante, a U.S. Air Force reservist, saw a little bit of both sides.

"I'm a Bush fan. I don't necessarily, myself, agree with the lesson plan, but on the flip side, I wouldn't condemn the teacher," said Vigilante, a Republican.

"I would hope he's not censored by the school board. For me, it's the right of free speech," Vigilante said.

And this whole thing is again being mislabeled a free speech issue, of course, when it's not. The only thing those evil, warmongering Bushites want is to have a voice in the process that led to the approval of this mock trial. Oh wait! I guess it is a free speech issue after all!

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