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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The stuff Spielberg's films are made of

This is scary stuff.

Increasing international pressure over the case of Christian convert Abdul Rahman is forcing the Afghan government to play a careful balancing act between its Western allies and religious conservatives at home. Under the interpretation of Islamic Sharia law on which Afghanistan's constitution is based, Mr Rahman faces the death penalty unless he reconverts to Islam.

"The Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back," says Ansarullah Mawlafizada, the trial judge.

"Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we have told him if he regrets what he did, then we will forgive him," he told the BBC News website.

By now, you probably have heard about the plight of Abdul Rahman. It reminds me of that scene in Shindler's List where the crazed concentration camp wardon is counseled that his power to absolve transgressions is greater than his power to punish them. "The power to absolve is what makes you powerful," the man tells him, hoping to assuage his ego. The wardon tries on this new viewpoint for about an hour the next day, gets frustrated and goes right back to his old practice of summary executions.

(Via: the corner)

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