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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Quick comments on now ancient stories

Isaac Hayes quits South Park

Hey Isaac, why is it okay for you to call white kids "crackers" as long as it's just satire? Why do you tolerate a black character called "Token," but it's "intolerance and bigotry" when the subject is religion and not race?

I'm a fan of religion. I consider the fractured nature of America's diverse sects to be a healthy and productive thing. The "Truth" is a stone in the river, growing more polished from being bounced about between different factions.

Ya know, L. Ron's ideas could've been added to the mix if only you guys weren't so Goddamn sensitive. "Crackers" = satire. Scientology = "Sacred religious beliefs that must never be questioned." Is that how it is? Color me unimpressed.

At least you did the proper thing and resigned rather than continue working on a project you didn't agree with. I just wish you hadn't called a press conference, ya know? That sorta opens you up to accusations of hypocrisy.


Dubai Port Deal Dead

To tell the truth, I didn't really give a damn either way. I thought there was merit to the idea of sharing responsability and profit with our Arab neighbors, but given the hue and cry from certain Republicans, I also thought it smart for the Democrats to object. At the very least they've finally picked a winner with the American public. And as I've said before, a strong two-party system requires two strong parties. Here's to hoping the Dems can recover.

Also, this thing has hopefully sent a strong signal to moderate muslims the world over. "Don't want America to kneecap your juicy investment deals? Well, kindly police your head-chopping crazy folk."


Cheney Shoots Lawyer

The guy lived, didn't he? The VP obviously needs to a trip to the armorer's table for a sight adjustment.


Congress and White House come to some sort of compromise over that NSA surveillence thingy

Two of my favorite publications this week have radically diferent opinions on this deal. One says Bush caved on his principles, the others praises Bush for letting more Congressmen in on the briefings. For myself, I'm frustrated that this is even news. Once upon a time the word "classified" actually meant something. But these days... *sigh*


Like I said, ancient history. I'll start fresh in the morning.

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