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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another reason to wait for the DVD

From the personal diary of John DeFore:

Just submitted my review of the new Wachowski Brothers' movie, "V for Vendetta" to the Hollywood Reporter. Gotta say I'm a bit nervous tonight as I go to bed, though. What if Bush's goon squad knocks on my door in the night? Sigh. The life of a revolutionary is fraught with such perils, I suppose. It was worth the risk, though. Boy, are those red-staters gonna be mad at me! Teh heh heeeeeeeeee! Finally a movie that doesn't suck (well, doesn't much suck. Not like Matrix II and III) but rather portrays the truth about life under the totalitarian bootheel of Bush and Blair. True, it does exagerate a bit. But that doesn't undermine the essential truth of it. It's almost like this whole "freedom" of speech thing is a just a ruse, ya know? It's like they're trying to lure the dissenters out into the open just so they can round us up and boxcar all of us into Nazi-esque re-education camps. Well, if the Wachowskis can face that kind of heat, I'll just have to buck up and follow their brave example.

Another liberal preaching to the Hollywood choir. Sheesh.

This parody brought to you by the Council for Rounding Up Evil Leftists (CRUEL)

(Via: Drudge)

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