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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Allah and Man at Yale

Gonzo asked what I thought about a former Taliban spokesman attending Yale University this semester, and I replied that I hadn't learned enough details to comment on that story. Well, I still haven't leaned enough to comment at length. But, today I have found the definitive commentary representing the outraged Right:

Like many parents, I’ve devoted much time to figuring out which college would be best for my son. This week, I narrowed down the list: any school but Yale.

National Review hosts Anne Morse's essay on the controversy. I encourage you to read it all. The links she provides represent all that I've read on the subject. [Alert! sarcastic comment on the media] If you know of any links to essays sympathethic to the idea of a Talibani attending Yale, could you let me know? The american media (usually reliable in such matters) hasn't yet thrust any such apologies into my face. For some reason they've been mostly silent. Hmmmmm... Curious, that.

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