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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CNN races rearward in an effort to be the last infidel put up against the wall


CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam.

These cartoons are by definition newsworthy. They are at the center of the substance of the article for Pete's sake! Not reproducing them is shitty journalism born of the stupendously wrong-headed leftist politics of "tolerance" that pervades most media. As Mark Steyn puts it, tolerating the tolerable is easy. To be a double-super tolerant human being, one must also tolerate the intolerable. Even if it leads to burkas and stoning.

Muslim extremists hate our Western values, the merits of which they dismiss as thoroughly corrupted by our decadence. If we are not willing to defend our democratic principles, then what's left to defend? Debauchery for it's own sake? This act of "respect" by CNN is why our enemies hold us in such contempt. They see us as an easily conquered people, too weak to resist the sins of delicious pork chops and co-ed dormitories. And to prove the obvious truth of this, they need only point to weak responses to their threats of violence.

I'm beyond livid. Nice going CNN! Just go ahead and surrender for all of Western Civilization. Torch your own Atlanta headquarters while you're at it. Why is that female corespondent walking around uncovered!? Prayer time! Stop the broadcast! Don't forget to drop the kids off at the madrassa for bomb belt construction class!

Lastly, CNN's declaration of "respect" for Islam contains a grammatical error. They can't even surrender in proper English without using a split infinitive.

UPDATE: Apparently they're hypocrites as well. No fear of angering that famously volatile Christian street, I guess.

You see, this is why I am no longer certain of our (decisive and relatively bloodless) victory in this fight. Because despite the toe-tapping, infectious rhythm, not a word of this is untrue.

(Via: The Corner)

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