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Friday, January 27, 2006

While Kadnine rests...

Ace blasted out more than twenty posts yesterday.

Covered topics:

Top Gun, Al Gore, Whale Vomit, Judge Cashman, Fake Braces In Thailand, Google, failed comedians, Librarians, Denzel, The Panda Sutra, Kissing, Filibuster, Saddam's WMD, Whoa!, Fire Ants, Breathing?... Iran's "Perilously Honest Man," p'rong farr, Roadmap, Racist, "Cyber-Disinhibition," Drunken, Gunshot Deaths, Truly Spectacular Hiney?, unconstitutional joke, Army, 59%, 51%, 8%, and The Guardian ♥ Hamas.

I'm in awe. Something's got into that boy. He must've either lost his job, or at least quit the Valu-Rite Discount Vodka. All I accomplished yesterday was a little laundry and porno... um, I mean literary reading. Yeah. And a little more laundry...

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