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Friday, January 20, 2006

From the latest johnkerry.com email... Ha!

Nothing. Nothing about this email suggests a viable alternative course for America.

We'll defeat candidates who refuse to challenge the Bush/Cheney administration's illegal, warrantless spying ... We'll replace Republicans who have refused to lift a finger to end the Bush administration's mind-numbing incompetence... We'll end the careers of Republican politicians who have cozied up to unethical lobbyists and sold out the American people.

And, we'll be there, each and every day, to make sure no Democrat stands alone in the face of the Republicans' desperate, underhanded election tactics and facts-be-damned campaign ads.

And they'll continue to be there, each and every day, just as long as you send them some money!

There are two wars being waged right now. Half of America is fighting a war against a bunch of head-choppin' butchers.... the other half is fighting against George W. Bush.

Um... you guys do realize Bush's days are limited... right? 22nd Amendment and all... If your party is elected to presidential office after Bush.... whatta ya got?

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