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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Shopping at Wal-Mart brings boy to tears

...when an anti-Wal-Mart activist gave him a gag gift.

Late in the afternoon last Thursday, two people dressed as elves, and, in the words of an employee, someone who "kind of looked like Santa," walked into the North Lauderdale Wal-Mart armed with empty, gift-wrapped boxes and WakeUpWalMart.com fliers. According to several Wal-Mart employees and the sheriff's office, the presents were given to a number of children, and at least one, a 4-year-old boy, opened the gift inside the store.

Discovering that the box was empty, the little boy started crying.

That'll show the little capitalist bastard the error of his anti union ways!

What I want to know is how much these agitators were paid hourly. Any benefits? Hmmm?

Being anti-Wal-Mart is not a constructive, edifying philosophy, as this incident shows. It's simply a shortcut to feeling superior. Making children cry? Way to make an argument, guys.

(Via: Jeff)

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