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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Missed work due to complement

In case it's not evident from reading this blog, I should just spell it out... I have a serious "white knight" complex.

Case in point: I have lots of time to blog today because I threw my back out changing a lady's tire this morning. Here's how it went down. Those familiar with the tradition of telling "sea stories" will recognize the format of my account.

There I was... No kidding. Still three quarters asleep when I heard a knock at the door. I stumbled down the steps to see who it was, thinking, "Must be the meter reader again," when I found a tiny, prim, grayhaired lady on my doorstep.

"Can I help you," I asked.

"Oh, dear! You were still sleeping!" she said. "I'm so sorry, but I didn't know what else to do. You see, I have this flat tire after staying overnight at my daughter's house up the street. I don't know anyone in the neighborhood and she's already left for work. I remembered that you used to have a Marine Corps seal displayed in your window, and well, yours is the only door I felt comfortable knocking on!"

Oh! There was no way I could refuse after such an appeal! Now it was a point of honor! The jack she had in the truck of her Taurus was more suited for a golf cart than a mid-sized car, so I grabbed the jack from my car and went to work. But in lifting the bad tire into that deep trunk, I heard an ominous *pop* accompanied by shooting pain in my lower back.

I'm off from work today, but in my mind, it was completely worth it. The enormous trust that woman has for the military is a standard worth upholding. (Even though I'm an idiot who bungled a simple tire change-out.)

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