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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Censorship? Hardly.

I visit the Boing-Boing site regularly. There's cool stuff to be found there. But their politics are ludacris.

For example, contributors to Boing-Boing are encouraging it's readers to write Comedy Central and protest it's decision to pull an (extremely offensive) episode of South Park which features a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary, calling this action "censorship."

"Bloody Mary: War on Xmas over, War on Blasphemy starts"


Here's the letter I sent to Comedy Central:

Dear Comedy Central,

I found your feedback page by way of Boing-Boing, a popular website which frequently confuses the word "censorship" with the words "private enterprise."

You guys rock! I love South Park.

I also applaud your recent decision to pull from rotation the "Bloody Mary" episode after negative feedback from your Catholic viewers.

That's NOT censorship! That's sound business practice. Please continue to keep your customers happy, and kindly ignore the idiots now accusing you of "censoring" your programming. It's obvious they don't know what the word even means anymore.

A loyal fan,

Keith in Kentucky

*double sigh*

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