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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Birds of Baghdad"

Michael Yon's latest dispatch combines (bleat-like) fodder for bird lovers and quotes from the many letters he's received. If you're passionate about birds or want to read what Yon's supporters have written, it's here.

After reading enough of these letters, I start imagining them in the regional dialects. Like the excellent letter I received from a woman in West Virginia:

. . . The ‘sincere faces' bringing us the news on TV seem to have no stomach for context. We get no clue from their ramblings that we are winning, or doing much of anything other than riding up and down the streets in big old vehicles getting the bejesus blown out of us. Our military is portrayed as victims, rather than the warriors and heroes they are.

May the maker of the stars keep all our heroes safe, and continue to bless this wonderful country.


(Full disclosure: I don't care a whit about birds, but the letters reduced me to tears. I encourage you to check them out.)

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