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Monday, November 28, 2005

Ted Rall thinks to himself, "Hmmm...What could I possibly do next to make another enemy?"

And comes up with this.

Well, Ted? It worked... you inflamatory, attention-whoring, talentless hack.

You've pissed me off again. Hope it gave you a woody.

Now for the obligatory letter writing campaign. With luck, we'll succeed in getting him ignored by another major newspaper. That oughtta reduce his hate mail, it's gonna be sweet. Ted, sitting at home screaming, "Why don't they hate me!?" It's because we don't care about your pathetic ego, Ted. Pick up a hammer and do something constructive. Or better yet? Enlist! The satisfaction is profound, but then again, that requires effort. So... I guess that's out.

(Via: Michelle)

UPDATE: As is the usual, Jeff out-sarcasms me.

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