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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On the curiously difficult position of being the majority

Speaking as a white, oppressive, heteronormative, warmongoring, patriarchal male, my only question is, well, why the hell am I not ruling the world by now?

I guess it's hard being a right-winger bent on world dominion when you're only making thirteen bucks an hour. I asked around at that last cabal meeting and what I learned was absolutely shocking! It turns out that we're NOT stealing any oil, NOT imposing a Taliban-style Christian regime upon this land, and that we have NO INTEREST in raping Mother Earth, criminalizing homosexuality, or rolling back civil rights. Just what kind of neo-con conspiracy are we running here?!

I was shocked to learn that, as a group, we actually respect Afghani and Iraqi sovereignty, promote free trade, encourage a robust economy home and abroad, support human rights (human rights? What's that about?!) and the general spread of liberal democracy in the Middle East and around the world. I was robbed. Robbed, I tell you. Where's my check? I got into this for the filthy lucre, damnit!

[/sarcasm off]

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