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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Is it really too much to ask...

... that government employees, intrusted with state secrets, NOT LEAK THOSE SECRETS? Or that journalists, be they blogger or Columbia graduate, NOT REPORT THEM?

Glenn rounds up some thoughts, mostly assigning blame. Which, I think deftly summorizes the unanswerable surrounding Wilson / Plame / Rove / Cheney / CIA / White House / Fitzgerald / Novak / Miller / former Nigerian officials / Italian intel / British intel / French intel / NYT / Time / Washington Post / countless bloggers / countless Senators/ and countless Congressmen who have devoted countless man-hours to this so-called controversy.

I'm sorry, but things have spiraled WAY out of control. I've been a government employee with access to secrets, and somehow managed to to restrain myself from dialing Robert Novak's cell phone. And I've been a blogger for one year exactly, as of today, and again, somehow managed not to spill any beans.

DC is a crazy place, I'm assured. The normal rules supposedly don't apply. My only question is: Why the hell not? Is it really too much to ask that officials keep their mouths closed concerning state secrets and reporters not repeat rumors? Seriously. I'm asking.

This will mark my very first post on the Plame/Libby affair (though I HAVE been following the twists and turns of this labyrinthine story closely) and the first of no more than two that I plan to write. The only way anyone could possibly convince me to devote more than two posts to this debacle is... is... frankly I don't see it happening. Expect my next posting on this subject to be a disgusted handwashing of all interest.

Update: Victor Davis Hanson ponders the consequences of political infighting during a time of war.

Some of this acrimony is understandable, but such in-fighting is still secondary to defeating enemies who have pledged to destroy Western liberal society. At some point this Western cannibalism becomes not so much counterproductive as serving the purposes of those who wish America to call off its struggle against radical Islam.

The atmosphere of our political discourse has been clouded by having all the wrong arguments. Scooter who?

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