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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mourning America's defeat in advance

Welcome to the occupation

How did this happen? How could the strongest power in modern history, going to war against a much lesser opponent at a time and place of its own choosing, find itself stuck a few years later, hemorrhaging blood and treasure amid increasing chaos?
Quagmire! War's over and we lost. All Iraq has to look forward to is outright civil war and the acsendance of another cruel dictator. Sorry 'bout that, but Bush and Company bungled it.

Such an erroneous view of reality is helpful, though... to the other side.

(via: Mudville Gazette, the must-read antidote to mainstream media's premature surrendering)

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson adds, "The story of the war since September 11 is that the United States military has not lost a single battle, has removed two dictatorships, and has birthed democracy in the Middle East."

And it just baffles me why this isn't a headline anywhere in the mainstream media.

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