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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Politicizing Katrina: Part 2

Okay. When will we get though the boneheadedness of the claim that Republicans killed New Orleans?

Why do the Democrat Mayor and Democrat Governor get a media pass?

Seriously, where can I get some of that anti-criticism democrat-brand deoderant? It apparently works like a charm.

Guy Who Knows What He's Talking About UPDATE: GreatBlueWhale at Cardinal Coalition was director of Disaster and Emergency Services for a small county in south east KY for about 4 years:

"It's everyone's fault but mine!!"

It was, and remains, the responsibility of local government, first the cities, then the county, then the state to respond to disasters. When those resources are exhausted or obviously overtaxed, the Feds step in and bat cleanup, usually at the request of the Governor. It's the same in all states, in all localities...

I'm not saying the Fed's couldn't have done better. However, it's obvious to me that the whining, crying, and finger pointing coming from local and state officials is primarily selfishly motivated because they screwed the pooch, and want to divert the attention away from themselves.

Likewise, and I defer to GBW as being infinitly better informed than myself, I am open to legitimate criticism of the the Bush administration on this thing, but to the folks out there who believe Bush controls the Universe down to the tiniest detail.... take a moment and think about how ridiculous that sounds. OK?

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