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Friday, September 30, 2005

Last time I checked...

... all citizens of this country enjoyed the right to say whatever they wanted.

But, apparently, the first amendment doesn't apply to former Republican appointees. Not when he's a white male who invokes the holy demographics to prove a point in an intellectual debate. Front page stuff, that. "Republicans Hate Blacks" scream the headlines. Please, just chill for a moment and let me ask two questions.

Question #1: Which is the more deplorable circumstance? A) A white American crosses the street to avoid a black American out of an irrational fear for his safety? B) A white American avoids postulating a hypothetical for fear he will be labeled a racist?

I humbly suggest that if we can resolve B, it would go a long way towards solving for A. Political correctness is, in my opinion, stifling a much needed discussion about race in this great country.

Question #2: Seriously... What do we do about it? Frankly I'm at a loss, full of passion and ideas, aware that greater minds than mine have tackled this before and come up with squat. Any suggestions?

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