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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The conservative case for McCain in '08

It's here, and it's very persuasive.

I don't personally care for John McCain, but not for any of the reasons listed above. Rather, my reservations are based in the much more nebulous realm of "attitude." He strikes me as a pragmatist first, and conservative only as a distant second. The Republican party certainly has room for pragmatism in its wide spectrum of credes and beliefs, but with a clear majority in the House, Senate, Governorships, and the Oval Office, what sense does it make to elect a man with a reputation for brokering compromises with the minority party?

If, as president, he ordered the simultaneous invasion of NoKo and Iran, somehow gathered the support to repeal the estate tax and sign a flat tax into law, scrap Title IX and affirmative action, appointed a judge who challenged Roe v. Wade and 13 other things things I'd normally be dancing in joy over, I'd still fear that his next speech would open with the words, "Just as I helped reach across the isle in 2005 concerning judicial confirmations..."

I just don't see McCain sticking to his guns on even one hard-line issue that I'm passionate about. But, I don't own a crystal ball. I ain't sayin' nuthin'... I'm just sayin'... Y'know?

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